Originally from France, and influenced by Bauhaus design and a mixed culture of american and european creative images, Matthieu Rossat studied in Bordeaux and worked for over 10 years in advertising and designing areas, which brings him far away, even to Sydney, Australia, few years. Matthieu R. is a firm believer in white space-driven, clean, elegant design solutions. Design is an idea wich has been given form. By the use of composition, color, light and typography, good design should draw attention to the idea. Design is a tool not a goal of its own. Only perfect technique ensures perfect visualisation of the idea. 
When he isn’t working on graphic projects, you will find Matthieu sketching nudes, taking photos, watching films, making noise playing trumpet and spending time with his family and friends. 

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Matthieu Rossat. Graphic designer freelance.
067 067 8474
43 rue du Cherche-midi, Paris 6e.
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